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Using Dexcom ONE in the Long Run

Can I use my Dexcom ONE while traveling?

Last Updated · November 3, 2022

Dexcom ONE is designed not to impact your travel. Just follow these instructions.

Going Through Security Check Points

  1. When wearing your Dexcom ONE, ask for hand-wanding or full-body pat-down and visual inspection instead of going through the body scanner or putting any part of the Dexcom ONE system in the baggage x-ray machine.
  1. You can wear Dexcom ONE for the walk-through metal detector. If you do, use your meter for treatment decisions until you leave the security area.
  1. Because we have not tested every x-ray and scanner, we do not know if they damage Dexcom ONE. Not sure what kind of machine it is? Be safe–request either hand-wanding or full-body pat-down.


Changing Time Zones

Let the date and time on your smartphone automatically update when you travel across time zones or switch between standard and daylight-saving times. Do not manually change your smartphone time, because it can make the time on the trend screen wrong and the app may stop  displaying data.

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