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Using Dexcom ONE in the Long Run

Why can’t I hear my Dexcom ONE alerts?

Last Updated · November 3, 2022

If you cannot hear your Dexcom ONE alerts, check the following:

  1. Alerts are turned on: You receive no glucose alerts unless you turn them on. If you did not turn on alerts during setup, go to Settings > Alerts to turn them on.
  1. Your phone settings: Dexcom ONE alerts will NOT override your phone’s settings. You won’t hear high or low glucose alerts if your phone is set to silent (sound is off) or vibrate.
    • If alerts are turned on, and your device is set to sound, verify that the app, Bluetooth, volume, and notifications are on.
    • See Chapter 2 in the Dexcom ONE User Guide for suggested smart device settings. See your smart device product instructions to test the speaker.

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